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You’ll likely be asking a lot questions of landscaping companies. It’s important to keep a piece of paper and a pencil handy for landscapers who come over. This will make it easier to remember the answers later when you compare companies. These questions will help you get started. You can expand this list with your questions.

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What is the average time that the business has been in operation?

Although it is not a reason to disqualify an organization for being young, experience in landscaping can often mean a better contractor. Do not be discouraged by a company that is young. Before you sign any contract with them, make sure they provide a complete list of properties that you are able to visit.


Which services does the landscaper provide?

Ask your contractor about the responsibility for irrigation design, installation, lawn lighting, permit disposal and utility staking. Some things are left by the landscaper, while other contractors can take care. If you require a permit, make sure you see the permits for yourself. You could get in trouble with the municipality for your landscaping projects.

Sometimes, the landscaper can be the sole responsible, but still sub-contract some work such as excavation and paving. This is fine, but you should be aware of it. This is the way the landscaping business you are dealing with works. Make sure to have their names and phone numbers.


If I have questions or concerns, who will my primary contact be?

If subcontractors are used, the landscaping company should assign one contractor to manage the whole project. This is especially important if the job is very large. It is important to know the name and contact information of this contractor.


What is the job average size for the company?

Knowing what kind of jobs the company typically handles is important. A company with extensive experience in more than simply cutting grass will be able to handle your job, such as a total yard gutting and complete reinstallation. Be wary of large-scale projects like malls. Your project shouldn’t be lost amongst the rest. It is likely that you will find the right company to handle your project.


What are the methods used to select plants for a site?

There are a variety of ways to choose the right plants for your yard. First, you should choose the right plants for your area based on your soil type and climate. Your input should also be considered in any landscaping project. A landscaping company will be able give you several options for your yard and let you choose from them.


Care instructions for plants and shrubs after installation? 

A landscaping company can create a gorgeous yard for you, but it will be a waste of money to let the plants die a few months later. The landscaping company will be able tell you what to do with the plants right away after planting them. They can also help you care for them over the next few years, since they may have other care guidelines.


How much will it cost?

You shouldn’t ask this first, but it is important to get at least an estimate. Although you can ask them to draw up an actual contract, it may not always be feasible. Get an estimate and, if you can, get it written.


What is the minimum amount of work required to be successful?

A minimum amount of work or a specific type of work is required by some companies before you can sign a contract. If you need only a bed to be tilled and weeded for your project, then you will not be allowed to work with companies that have a minimum of $1,000.


Are designs free?

It should be an “absolutely”! The landscaper is already being paid for their advice and expertise. If that means the landscaper has to do it four more times in order to create the design you desire, then they will. Many landscaping firms will charge a design fee for each one. This is not fair. However, you should be realistic about what fees you are willing to pay and what not.


Accept what forms of payments?

This question, while not a major one, is important. Many landscaping firms accept cash, check, and credit cards.


What will my bill look like?

It is a tricky area because there are so many ways to be charged for landscaping services. Some companies require you to make a deposit prior to any work being started. The final payment is due after the job has been completed. It is best to do this as you can be sure that no substandard work will occur. Landscape companies rarely allow you to pay all the balance once the job is complete. They may also require you to pay full payment upfront. These companies could be very unprofessional and not show up on time.


Which warranties are you willing to provide?

Another area that landscaping is different from other products and services you might purchase. It is important to ensure that landscaping companies offer warranties on the materials, labor and workmanship. There are two types of warranties. Protection is needed in the event that the flowers wither or the plants shrivel. Also, warranties are required in the event of unforeseen circumstances.